Intro Workshop by the OEDO SUKEROKU TAIKO (4) 2017

Welcome to HIBIKIYA. There will be special workshops by OEDO SUKEROKU TAIKO in October 2017. Their style is famous for the NANAME UCHI (Slanted stand style). We will have Ms. Mizuho this time. Please join to witness and learn her graceful yet powerful Taiko style.It will be an awesome experience for everyone (Beginners to experienced players)

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(A) Schedule: A pair of special OEDO LOGO Bachi is included to the Intro sessions.

If you already have your logo bachi, please contact us before you register.

(1) Friday, 13th October 2017

14:00-17:00 ①NANAME-UCHI / INTRO(1)

*Anyone can join

19:00-22:00 ②NANAME-UCHI / INTRO(2)

*Anyone can join

The intro① and ② are the same contents. You can join both if you wish.


BACHI with the OEDO SUKEROKU TAIKO Logo (Ф24mm x 420mm)

Other items such as DVD, CD, T-shirt, Japanese bag, Tenugui towel, note pad are available.

(C) Instructor / Artist

OEDO SUKEROKU TAIKO (Naname Dai, Bondaiko)


Summer in Japan cannot be complete without a Bon-odori-festival. In 1956, Seido Kobayashi, born in Hongo, the Tokyo downtown area, first played Bon-taiko drums at the age of 12. He won the first prize at the first Bon-taiko contest held at Yushima Tenjin Shrine. Later, he and the contest winners got together atthe request of Minoru Sanada, a choreographer, who was aiming at creating a new music group using a Japanese traditional instrument, wa-taiko. Studying under Sasazoh Kineya, they trained and built up their skills, then formed '"Shin-On Taiko", which was the new style to transform Kabuki music into taiko performances. They were also the members of Bon taiko group "Oedo Sukeroku Kai", lead by Seidoh Kobayashi. Later the four young members Seido Kobayashi, Yoshihisa Ishikura, Yutaka Ishizuka and Motoe Onozato, started their career as the first taiko ensemble in Tokyo using only taiko. It was "Sukeroku Taiko"(1967).

To honor the Yushima Tenjin
Shrine and to preserve the tradition, they dedicated the group to the shrine. Since the establishment of the group, the sukeroku-style has spread throughout Japan and overseas and has gained favorable reputations.
To enhance their activities and s
how wa-taiko music as a stage performing art, Kobayashi left Sukeroku Taiko and established "Oedo Sukeroku Taiko".

The music created by Oedo Sukeroku Taiko is a chic and cheerful ensemble, representing symbols of Edokko. 'Sukeroku' is the chivalrous main character of the theatre piece which typifies the splendor of Edokko. It's only natural that the very first drum music born in Edo (Tokyo) bear the name Sukeroku . Sukeroku style which is characterized by dynamic, sharp and acrobatic movements created with the whole body, and visually beautiful, stylish and elegant postures.
Oedo Sukeroku Taiko's stage is the total combination of art, sports and music.
Based on Bon taiko techniques and Kabuki music essenc
e the group is far different from any others. They have succeeded to sublimate wa-taiko music from local folk art to a stage performing art. They move vigorously all over the world gaining favorable reputations.





東京・本郷で育った小林正道は、1956年、12歳で盆踊りの太鼓を打ち始める。湯島天神第1回盆太鼓コンクール優勝者であった小林を始め、歴代入賞者が舞踊家・真田実氏の呼び掛けのもとに参集し、杵屋佐三造氏に師事し、相互練習・研摩の末、和太鼓に三味線音楽を取り入れた「新音太鼓」として発表。彼等は小林晟高を中心とする「大江戸助六会」のメンバーであり、暫時後に小輪瀬晋氏の元、東京初の和太鼓だけのアンサンブル (=組太鼓)「助六太鼓」として活動。湯島天神保存会助六太鼓グループとして奉納し、名を残す。東京都内はもとより全国各地・海外においても脚光を浴び、一世を風靡した。



Fri Oct 13, 2017
2:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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